Bombas Socks Case Study

The Most Comfortable Socks in the History of Feet

Bombas approaches every day believing that even small changes can have a big impact on the world and "bee better." After learning that socks are the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters, Bombas decided to build a company around solving that problem. Sounds like quite the feat, but they are doing just that. For every pair of socks they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need and created the most comfortable sock in the history of feet while doing it.

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What was Bombas' biggest headache in running customer service before Boostopia?

Our biggest headache was having to pull so much data from the tools we use. It was almost impossible for us to synthesize that data to make an informed decisions on what to do next. That was one of the biggest reasons that we contracted Boostopia. We knew that there were answers behind this data. We were running KPIs, but it really wasn’t that helpful. Boostopia gave us meaningful information and learnings informed by our data and gave us actionable ways to improve the customer experience.

What has been Bombas' experience been like while working with Boostopia?

Very positive. Very responsive, always new ideas. They are always available on Slack or text message. The working relationship was great. And they also keep you busy. Once they got a rhythm they would turn things on, and we didn't have to wait very long to see the changes. They anticipate needs.

maintain satisfaction ratingS and a high level OF service

"[Boostopia] was helping us with our growth and did so in a way where we were able to maintain satisfaction rating and help provide a high level of service."

DREW STADLER, Head of Happiness, Bombas

How has Boostopia helped Bombas improve?

Overall satisfaction rating. The biggest thing we look at is the health of the service that we’re providing. We heavily weight that on satisfaction ratings for solved tickets, phone calls, and chat. The biggest thing has been changing our mindset on not just being reactive but proactive with our customer support.

How has Bombas changed since working with Boostopia?

Well, the company is growing a lot. We initially reached out to get organized and decided to follow up again this year. We added two full-time people and were incredibly busy. [Boostopia] helped us maintain satisfaction rating and helped provide a high level of service through that growth.

What has been the largest impact Boostopia has made for Bombas?

The work they did on our website really improved the customer experience by allowing customers to find their answers faster. It's very hard connecting our website's data to Zendesk to understand what's happening. We now have really granular metrics and reports that are created every day to see, so that's definitely impactful.


Drew Stadler

Head of Happiness

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